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Modern English Language School in Swansea: English Anytime

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Studying with Us

Before you begin your English Anytime lessons we will ask you to take a fast and reliable placement test that will help us assess your level of the language. We will ask you to tell us about your previous experience with the language as well as your course objectives. This will ensure that your specific needs are catered for.

When you start your lessons with us, besides a warm welcome you will be handed your English Anytime Welcome Pack. This contains your English Anytime folder with your first handouts.

While studying with us your teachers will make the most to make you feel comfortable and will give you guidance with anything you need.

Before you go

Your teacher will assess your progress daily and at the end of your course will produce an assessment report with advice on the areas you need to pay extra attention. Before you go you will receive a certificate of attendance. Don’t forget to spare a couple of minutes filling in our questionnaire and letting us know what you thought of our school. That will help us improve ourselves and provide better services.