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For beginners/lower intermediates (A2/B1 on the CEFR)

The jobs that are available for beginners include manual work in factories or warehouses, in agriculture (for example fruit picking) or cleaning. These jobs involve a limited amount of communication but offer a guaranteed source of income, which could help you to prolong your stay while studying in the UK.


For intermediates (B1/B2 in the CEFR)

More interesting jobs become available once you reach an intermediate level. For example, working in the services industry is an excellent way to improve your language skills because you speak to customers and colleagues throughout the day. Getting a job in a hotel, bar, restaurant or café is a popular option and a great way to meet people.

As with any industry, better language skills will give you at a big advantage. In a noisy bar, it can be hard to hear what people are saying, but the social environment ensures that you will get lots of practice with the language.

The industries that are suitable for beginners are also open to intermediates, naturally.


For advanced speakers (C1 on the CEFR)

Once you reach level C1, university education is open to you (many universities require a B2-level exam or certificate), as are a huge range of jobs. You might be able to find office work that requires your first language and the foreign language, but be aware that this is not as beneficial for your language development as working in a purely foreign-language environment.

Jobs that require especially precise communication, for example anything involving lots of writing, may remain out of reach, but most jobs will be possible. Using the example of the UK health service again, although you could not be a doctor with B2/C1 English, you would have the necessary level to work as a nurse.